NHL is Back: Do We Give a Shit?

***This post is going to be profanity laden…if you’re a pussy ass hoe, don’t read the rest

The NHL Lockout has now been resolved after months of dragging their fans through their millionaire bullshit.  The NHL has upset fans around Canada (most of which will cave and watch hockey anyways) and caused most U.S. markets to forget the sport even existed.

That little weasel fucker Bettman and his ring of evil owners held our great sport for ransom, while greedy prick players held out to retain their giant piece of the pie.  I realize collective bargaining is part of any business, but when that business depends on consumer support…don’t fuck with the consumers.  At least don’t fuck with them on a regular basis.

Now that the millionaires have sorted out their collective distribution of wealth, we can get on with this sham of a fucking season.  Will you be watching the games?


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