Major MLB Signings – Week in Review


After a relative lull in major signings, the MLB hotstove has been fired back up with some major signing over the last couple of days.  Josh Hamilton’s snub of the Rangers and signing with the Angels gives LA  5 potential star

ting OF’s.  Being unable to move Vernon Wells’ humungous contract, likely Peter Bourjos will be on the move.  The other LA team bolstered their pitching staff signing Greinke to a massive  $147 million contract, the largest ever for a right handed pitcher.

The Tigers made a reasonable move by re-upping with Anibal Sanchez  at 16 mill per year.  A career 48-51, but 30-22 over his last 3 seasons, at 28 he may be hitting his prime as a pitcher.  The Tigers are banking on at least a continuation of trends over the last 3 years (30-22, 3.69 ERA, roughly 3:1 SO/BB Ratio).




Josh Hamilton – Anaheim Angels (5 yrs – $125 million)

Anibal Sanchez – Detroit Tigers (5 yrs – $80 million)

Zach Greinke – LA Dodgers (6 yrs – $147 million)

Ichiro Suzuki – New York Yankees (2 yrs – $13 million)

Ryan Dempster – Boston Red Sox (2 yrs – $26.5 million)

Dan Haren – Washington Nationals (1 yr – $13 million)

Jason Bay – Seattle Mariners (1 yr – $1 million)

Brandon McCarthy – Arizona Diamondbacks (2yrs – $15.5 million)

Joe Blanton – Los Angeles Angels (2 yrs – $8 million)

Shane Victorino – Boston Red Sox (3 yrs – $39 million)

Nate McLouth – Baltimore Orioles (1 yr – $2 million)


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