Sanchez vs Tebow …

I find it hard to get wrapped up in the Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow debate when the Jets are shitting the bed all over this season.  If both QB’s were performing at a high level, there may be some merit to a  debate.  Unfortunately, both QB’s haven’t played well for the better part of 2012.
Last night Dirty Sanchez made one of the worst plays in NFL history by trying to run on a play action play, running into his own lineman, dropping like a gunshot victim, fumbling the ball for a Pats TD….Brutal.
More below….

So why not bench Sanchez and see what Tebow can do?  Befuckingcause, Tim Tebow has the throwing arm of a 9 year old girl and most of his success in NFL can be attributed to a solid Broncos team.   The Jets are not nearly as good as the Broncos and Sanchez is capable of much more than Tebow as a QB. Check the stats, Sanchez is durable and has made the playoffs twice since 2009.  Even last year (Tebow’s good season) , he only scored 12 TD’s in 14 games, had 13 turnovers, and a 46.5% completion rate.

Hopefully now that Tebow has a broken vagina rib, we can finally forget about this less than average player.


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