A-Rod trade? Get the Horse Tralier Ready

The trade winds for Golden Boy Rodriguez are heating up as Yankees fans are calling for his head.  A-Rod has been benched during the ALCS, turning the Yankee’s most expensive player into a cheerleader.

Rodriguez has kept relatively cool throughout his short time on the bench.  However, you can see in his eyes that his half Centaur personality would love to heel kick Joe Girardi in the dick.  Who plays Eric Chavez over Alex Rodriguez?    Chavez is 0-14 in the Postseason so far vs. A-Rod’s 3-23.

Inevitably A-Rod will need to be traded as this type of rejection doesn’t sit will with a mythical centaur  12-time All-Star.  It is going to be difficult to move A-Rod and his gigantic contract, but if the Yanks are willing to eat some of that up, the Marlins may just  be dumb enough to take a chance on a fading A-Rod.


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